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Free Soil and Plant Analysis

Did you know that the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Services offers free soil and plant analysis?

Read Below to find out how to use this service to improve the heath of your garden!

Analysis of plant tissues is a super smart thing to do if you want to know if your plants are healthy. Plant tissue analysis will identify nutrient deficiencies and imbalances. This allows you to manage your plants and meet their specific needs. Soil testing is also a valuable tool and is often used in conjunction with tissue testing. Soil tests should be taken before planting and at regular intervals once plants are established. The soil pH is of special importance because it affects the availability of all plant nutrients. There is often not a strong relationship between the nutrient levels in soil and in plant tissue. This is because many factors affect the ability of plants to take up nutrients. Tissue testing is the best way to find out the nutritional composition of plants.

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  1. Bag up soil in question, take at least  3 samples, one each from different locations
  2. Note on each bag the location (front/back/etc)Use zip lock bags
  3. For the plant tissue analysis take a cutting and put it in a moist paper towel inside a zip lock bag.
  4. Note on each bag the name of the plant and location you got it from (front/back/etc)
  5. Include your, name address, and phone number with the samples
  6. Drop off at the extension service they will test the samples at no charge. See Address below.

[su_note note_color=”#005fae” text_color=”#ffffff”]Arkansas Cooperative Extension Services

2901 W  Roosevelt Rd Little Rock, AR  72206501-340-6650

Hours: Monday – Friday 8am-4:30 pm[/su_note]

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