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  1. When planting your tree, start by measuring the height and width of the rootball or container.  Then dig a hole the same length as the root ball or container and three times wider than the width.  The most common mistake for planting a tree is digging the hole, which can be both too deep and too narrow.
  1. Next break up the glaze in the hole by scraping a sharp edge shovel around the sides and across the bottom.  Glazing occurs when the sides and bottom become smooth, forming a barrier that prevents water from reaching the tree.
  1. B&B trees – At Arkansas Gardens we use natural burlap.  When planting your tree, make sure the top third of the burlap on the root ball is cut and removed.  Wire baskets will slowly dissolve so simply cut to the wires or bend them underground.  Remove all string or twine and make sure to add backfill soil to either the height of the ball or slightly lower.  Some options for backfill soil include super soil, happy grow potting soil, or for your convenience we have a tree planting kit that includes everything you need.  Be careful not to compress the back fill soil, instead use gentle compression with your hands.
  1. Container Trees – Remove the tree from the container and check the roots.  If the roots are tightly compressed or ‘root bound’, gently separate them with either your fingers or a blunt tool.  You may need a shovel to spread the roots that are very tightly compacted. Pulling apart the roots helps them to expand beyond the dimensions of the original container.  Follow back fill instructions above.
  1. Fertilize and water your tree with Fertilome Root Stimulator and Maxi-crop Liquid Seaweed as well as in the hole to encourage expansion.  Water at the time of planting and for once a week after that.  Regular deep soakings are better than frequent light wettings for six weeks after planting.
  1. To conserve moisture and promote water and air penetration, newly planted trees can be covered with 3” of mulch, however make sure to not pile it up the plant stem.

Don’t forget you can buy a tree planting kit which includes everything you will need to plant your tree, including tree staking.  The price of the kit is $43.99.

We can also plant the tree for you!  The tree planting fee will include everything you need plus a one year warranty.


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